Professionals in higher education assessment rely on the most up-to-date research in best practices for their work. Many reputable journals host online databases of articles relevant to the shifting needs of assessment professionals. Journal articles, as well as other resources, focus on specific topics within the umbrella of higher education assessment, including:

  • Assessment instruments, techniques, and tools
  • Assessment technology and software
  • Models/methods of student affairs assessment
  • Models/methods of curriculum/classroom assessment
  • Models/methods of portfolio assessment
  • Models/methods of major/disciplinary field assessment
  • Research and reports in assessment
  • Assessment best practices
  • Benchmarking
  • Listservs and discussion forums
  • Agencies, associations, organizations, and conferences

Higher education professionals utilize journals, books, and newspapers to track and debate hot topics and trends in the field. Some of the most widely used and accepted resources in higher education assessment include:

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education is an academic newspaper published online and in print every weekday. Daily news, job listings, and articles can be found within each issue. The Chronicle also publishes monthly special reports on key topics, such as personal finance, architecture, or legal issues; an Almanac of Higher Education is published yearly.

The Chronicle’s website is seen by more than one million unique visitors every month, and total readership of the newspaper is 350,000. Ranked one of the top 10 most credible news sources in 2007, academics and higher education professionals alike consistently utilize The Chronicle of Higher Education as a reliable informant of current news as well as a forum for dialogue regarding recent trends in higher education administration, academics, and assessment. (source:

Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education

Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education is an international, peer-reviewed journal devoted to all aspects of higher education assessment. “Its purpose is to advance understanding of assessment and evaluation practices and processes, particularly the contribution that these make to student learning and to course, staff and institutional development.”

With a strong inclination toward research-based, reflective, and theoretical studies, Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education seeks to inform higher education administrators and academics about current trends and developments within the field of assessment, providing topical coverage of innovative practices and evaluated ideas that have undergone a rigorous peer review process. (source: Taylor & Francis Group [publisher]

Higher Education Abstracts

Each volume of Higher Education Abstracts, published by The Claremont Graduate University, contains four issues featuring abstracts of journal articles, conference papers, research reports, and books relating to various topics in higher education administration and academia. A full citation to the original document, the author’s affiliation, the number of bibliographic references in the original document, and an objective summary of each article are included in each article abstract, providing the essential content of the most relevant articles and research in the realm of higher education. Higher Education Abstracts spans “more than 200 journals in the fields of education, computer sciences, management, psychology, sociology, and law; papers read at meetings of major education and social sciences conferences; books published by all major higher education publishers; and research reports issued by professional organizations, government agencies, and foundations.” (source: The Claremont Graduate University [publisher]

The Journal of Higher Education

The Journal of Higher Education, founded in 1930, is a scholarly journal focusing on the issues that are germane to the work of higher education administrators, faculty members, and program managers. The articles featured in the journal bring investigative aptitude and critical insight with a multidisciplinary approach to the discussion and evaluation of higher education practices. (source: Ohio State Press [publisher]

Research in Higher Education

Research in Higher Education is a peer-reviewed journal published eight times a year for the benefit of higher education professionals. With a general lean toward empirical studies and research papers, the journal publishes “scholarly works that contribute to our collective understanding of one or more institutions of higher education in order to aid faculty and administrators to make informed decisions, and to improve efficiency or effectiveness.” Some topics covered include administration and faculty; curriculum and instruction; student characteristics; alumni assessment; recruitment and admissions; prediction and student academic performance; campus climate; retention, attrition, and transfer. (source: Association for Institutional Research

Research and Practice in Assessment

Research and Practice in Assessment is a peer, reviewed journal dedicated to the advancement of scholarly discussion amongst researchers and practitioners in this evolving field.  The journal originated from the Board of the Virginia Assessment Group, one of the oldest continuing professional higher education assessment organizations in the United States.  Research & Practice in Assessment is a peer-reviewed that uses a double-blind review process and focuses on methodological and foundational aspects of assessment practice. (source:

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