The integration capabilities specific to Rubrics are provided by a block called Course Sync. This block will send your current enrollment and assignment information to Rubrics so that you can evaluate course participants and sync your rubric scores and commentary back into the LMS. This integration is available to any institution with access to Rubrics.

Course Sync is currently available for the following learning management systems:

  • Blackboard Learn
  • Moodle


Instructions for Moodle

Please note that you must have “Teacher” or “Manager” set as your Moodle System Role in order to add and access the Course Sync module from within your course site. “Non - Editing Teachers” cannot add the module, but may utilize it if it is added by someone else. Your Moodle Administrator can grant additional roles the ability to access Course Sync by navigating to Site Administration -> Users -> Permissions -> Define Roles and then editing the appropriate roles.


     1. Ask your LMS Administrator to read the information found on the Getting Started


     2. Once Campus Labs Course Sync has been successfully installed, navigate to the course site in which you wish to use the Course Sync block for Moodle.


     3. Turn editing mode on for the course site.


     4. Find the “Add a Block” module and select “Campus Labs Course Sync” from the drop-down menu (the page will immediately begin to load after you select the item).


     5. The Campus Labs Course Sync Block for Moodle should now appear on the page and can be used to synchronize assignment data or launch Campus Labs Rubrics.


Please Note:

It is possible to have multiple LMS's enabled, but only in certain combinations. Below are the possible double-LMS combinations that are currently possible:

Blackboard + Canvas
Moodle + Canvas

Additionally, the combinations that are not possible are:

Blackboard + Moodle









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