Please follow these steps to complete this week's lesson:

  1. Watch the weekly webcast (see lesson recording). 
  2. Review the readings and resources listed below. 
  3. Submit your assignment on the assigned date to assessmentcredential@campuslabs.com
  4. Receive feedback (and confirmation of completion of the module) from the Campus Labs faculty regarding your assignment.

Schedule and Dates

Item Due Date
Live Lesson - Webcast No live lesson - recording only
Assignment Deadline  August 30
Campus Labs Faculty Feedback  September 6

Recorded Lesson

Readings and Resources

Basic Statistics and Quantitative Analysis (video)

Qualitative Analysis (video)

How to Read and Understand a Scientific Paper: A Guide for non-scientists

Understanding Research Studies

Understanding Research: Ten Tips


The assignment for this week is an attachment to this module.  Please complete it and submit via email by the deadline to assessmentcredential@campuslabs.com. Please label your file attachment with your last name and module number when you send it via email (example: Lundquist-Module3.docx). Be sure to cite any references that informed your responses; this will ensure that you have the original source reference available for attribution, particularly if you plan to use your assignment (or some version of it) as a resource for your campus.

Previous Modules

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Contact information for questions:

If you have questions about the module or your assignments, please contact the Campus Labs Assessment Credential Faculty at assessmentcredential@campuslabs.com

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