Please follow these steps to complete this week's lesson:

  1. Watch the weekly lesson (live or view the recording below; a pdf of the presentation is also attached to this module)
  2. Review the readings and resources listed below
  3. Submit your assignment on the assigned date to assessmentcredential@campuslabs.com 
  4. Receive feedback (and confirmation of completion of the module) from the Campus Labs Faculty regarding your assignment

Schedule and Dates

Item Due Date
Webcast July 20, 1 pm eastern
Assignment Deadline July 26
Campus Labs Faculty Feedback  August 2

Recorded Lesson

Readings and Resources

Click on the links below to take you to this week's resources.  If there is an attachment, that will be indicated. 

Ackermann, E. (2017). Assessment vs. research: What's the difference. Radford University. You Tube video. 

Bresciani, M. J. (2011, August). Making Assessment Meaningful: What New Student Affairs Professionals and Those New to Assessment Need to Know (NILOA Assessment Brief: Student Affairs). Urbana, IL: University of Illinois and Indiana University, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment.

Lundquist, A.E. (2017).  Assessment, Evaluation and Research Definitions and Relationships in Student Affairs (see attachment). 

NASPA/ACPA Professional Competency Rubrics (see Assessment, Evaluation, and Research rubric, pp. 13 - 16). 

Newhart, D.M. (2014). Research (and/or?) assessment: How they differ and how to use them together. Univ Oregon State University PPT. 

The Assessment Cycle

Upcraft, M. L., & Schuh, J. H. (2002). Assessment vs. research: Why we should care about the difference. About Campus, 7 (1) 16-20. [Note: You can find this through your library or a google search]. 


The assignment for this week is an attachment to this module.  Please complete it and submit via email by the deadline to assessmentcredential@campuslabs.com. Please label your attachment with your last name and module number when you send it via email (example: LundquistModule1). Be sure to cite any references that informed your responses; this will ensure that you have the original source reference available for attribution, particularly if you plan to use your assignment (or some version of it) as a resource for your campus.

Contact information for questions

If you have questions about the module or your assignments, please contact the Campus Labs Assessment Credential Faculty at assessmentcredential@campuslabs.com

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