Baseline offers two ways to store documents related to your assessment activities, one being site-wide document storage and document storage for a specific project. Both options support a wide variety of file formats (.xlsx, .csv, .docx, .pdf, .png, .pptx, etc..).

Site-Wide Document Storage

Site-wide storage is accessible to all users of Baseline in a view only mode, making it a great option for general documents about large-scale projects or practices on campus that all users may need access to.


Users that have not been provided with the Document System Role cannot add, delete or rename any file within the Documents area. If you would like access to the Document system role, contact your institutions' Site Administrator. 

The documents area can be broken up into folders to provide some organization to your content. In the screenshot below we have three folders (Campus Labs Resources, Campus Resources, and Assessment Committee Resources).

If you have the Document System Role you can click the "Edit Documents" Screen_Shot_2017-12-07_at_3.35.53_PM.pngbutton to add, remove or rename a file or folder.


If are just getting started with documents you will need to have at least one folder setup before you are able to upload documents. To add a folder, simply click the "Add Folder" button and provide a name to your folder.

Once a folder has been established you can click the "Add Document" button located at the bottom of the folder. If you ever want to rename, delete or re-order a file or folder just hover your mouse over the item you would like to edit and click the corresponding button.



Project Document Storage

Project-specific document storage is great for storing content related to a given assessment. File storage for projects is located on a project's dashboard (screenshot below).

This feature is commonly used when requesting project assistance from Campus Labs. Users will typically upload a copy of their project outline and Anthology staff will work on versions of the project and store them in the Project Files area for quick access. A similar approach can be taken with campus colleagues when developing an assessment. 

File size is limited tp 4mb or less for uploads to the Project Files area. And if you would like to remove a file, simply click the checkbox next to the file name and an option to delete it will appear.


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