We’re very excited to share the latest update in mobile data collection with our new app, Collect! Collect allows you to sync your Baseline surveys to campus-owned Apple devices (i.e., iPod, iPhone, iPad) where students are then able to complete surveys right on the device. The results are available on your Project Dashboard as soon as you connect to Wi-Fi. Collect operates very similarly to the previous SV Mobile app with some key updates.

Compatible with new iOS versions

Collect will allow you to collect survey data with any iOS 6.0 or newer. If you previously had SV Mobile installed on your devices, it will now appear as Collect on your home screen. Go ahead and update your software if you have been waiting. If you have an older operating system, the SV Mobile will continue to function.

Compatible with iPad

Surveys administered through the Collect app now appear full sized on iPads. This will allow you to administer larger, easy-to-read surveys even if you don’t have access to wifi.

New device registration

If you download Collect on a new device, you will be prompted with a 6-digit activation code. Please keep the app open and call Campus Support at 716.270.0000 (8am-8pm EST), and we would be happy to register your device immediately.

Collect is available on Apple devices in the App store, and you need an Apple ID in order to download. You can find more information on this new feature in our Support Resources.

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