Campus users may be assigned varying levels of credentials, depending on the institution's policies and needs. Speak with your Consultant for guidance on which access rules are best for your campus.

  • Institution Level Access – Individuals with client level access have access to all departments and projects for their institution in Baseline.
  • Department Level Access – Individuals with department level access can request projects within their department and view all projects that are requested  within the department.  We can, however, block certain users from having access to particular projects.  We can also provide users from one department with project level access to a project in a different department, if approved by the campus contact.
  • Parent Departments – Individuals with access to Parent Departments have access to all departments and projects beneath it. For instance, those with access to the Dean of Students office have access to all departments and projects in the Dean of Students (e.g., Conduct, Activities, etc.). This organizational structure is determined by the campus.
  • Project Level Access – Individuals with project level access do not have access to a department, so they are unable to request projects.  They are able to view certain projects and can send mass mailings and view results for the projects to which they have access.
  • Custom Groups – Custom groups are groups of users, separate from organization units that can be a combination of multiple departments or users from different departments.  Customized access rules must be assigned to custom groups, so that members of the group can view specified projects.
  • Documents Tab – Individuals with access to the Documents Tab have access to upload documents to the Documents Tab on the Home page.
  • Hide Identity Override – By activating the Hide Identity feature in our system, the email addresses of respondents will not be included in the export, making the survey anonymous.  The Hide Identity feature can be adjusted for specific projects, departments, and Baseline users.  We can activate a Hide Identity override for users, so that they will always be able to see the identity of respondents for all projects where identity was collected.
  • Device Admin – Individuals with Device Admin access have access to approve the activation of their campus’ mobile devices.
  • Panels – Individuals with access to the Panels can create panels, or samples, of students and assign them as the sample for any project in the system.
  • CollegiateLink (Panels) – Individuals with the CollegiateLink role can create panels based on the data in the CollegiateLink system, include student interests, attendance, involvement, and exposure to outcomes.
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