On rare occasions, a campus will have a policy to not allowlist any IP addresses. Please do not hesitate to contact Support if there are any concerns or questions about allowlisting or the security of Anthology servers that we can address. Ideally, if you plan to use the Baseline mass mailing function (which will allow you to send survey mailings from the Baseline system and send targeted reminders to only those who do not respond) you will want the Baseline IP address to be allowlisted.

If is not feasible to allowlist on your campus, note that it is possible your Baseline mass mailings may occasionally be routed into spam filters by your campus email server. If you are planning to use the mass mailing tool, make sure to watch your response rate carefully. If your email response rate is abnormally low, even after a reminder email has been sent, spam filtering may be the culprit.

Please keep in mind the following considerations to minimize this risk:

  • If possible, embed a campus email address you can check into each Baseline mass mailing and check this email account at the time of sending to ensure mailings are going through.
  • Avoid exclamation points and using all CAPS. Try to avoid “trigger” words such free, win, winner, winning, and won (that sometimes arise when offering a drawing entry for participation in a survey).
  • Consider emailing the generic survey link from an internal campus email address instead of using the mass mailing tool. We can add a validation screen to the generic link to collect identities, if needed.  

Note that if an initial mass mailing does not go through, our system will retry messages on a repeating basis with increasing intervals for up to 8 hours after the original attempt.

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