Key individuals on campus will have access to a Users tab within Baseline. This will allow them to grant and deny users access to additional System Roles (i.e., access to additional tools within Baseline). The System Roles supported include:

  • Documents: Grants a user editing rights (i.e., ability to upload, delete and name documents) to the Documents tab within the Baseline system. The Documents tab is found on the Home Page within Baseline and can be utilized as a central location for campus documentation.
  • Self-Service Builder: Grants a user rights to the Self-Service Builder tool. If a user has access to a department (i.e., Primary Org Unit ID is specified) and this role assigned, they will be able to create new surveys in the Baseline system with the Create Project button on the Project page.
  • Engage Panels: Grants a user rights to the Engage Panels portion of the site. If your campus subscribes to Engage, users with this role can pull student involvement data from the Engage system for the purposes of conducting follow-up assessments.
  • Device Administration: Grants a user the ability to manage new mobile devices that are going to be used for assessment activity. The primary purpose of this role is to approve, deny, and name devices that have been activated with the Campus Labs Collect app.

To add a System Role to a users access, can click on the Edit button next to that user in the Users list. From there, click on the Edit button under Systems Roles to the right-hand side of the screen. Then, click on the role you wish to grant a user; a green check mark will appear.


If you wish to update the System Roles for multiple users at one time (or include these settings as you are uploading your initial user file), include “Allow” in the corresponding field within the file. Please see the "Sample_User_Upload_w.Descriptions" (scroll down to the bottom of the page) for tips on filling out the user file. 

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