Baseline provides the technology, resources, and expert consultation required to create an integrated, coordinated, and comprehensive assessment approach across the campus. The purpose of Baseline is to connect and translate assessment data in order to improve programs and services both inside and outside the classroom.

The following items are generally included in the Baseline license for the contracting departments/divisions at your institution:

  • Unlimited use of features and support: Our products are not based on a per-use fee; please use our resources and tools as much as needed in order to accomplish your assessment goals.
  • Technical support weekdays 8 am – 8 pm Eastern: Questions can be answered anytime during these hours by calling 716-270-0000.
  • Consultation from an assessment team: Our Implementation and Adoption Consultants and Support Specialists can assist you with using our technology as well as enhancing your assessment efforts.  If you are ever “stuck” with not knowing where to go next with assessment, contact us for support.
  • Training and professional development materials:  Training and professional development materials can be viewed at the Anthology Academy.
  • Access to assessment resources and template projects: Never start from scratch with your assessment efforts. We have Goal-Oriented Project templates available within Baseline as well as example surveys stored in our Community site, which you can access once you have logged into the Baseline system. The Rubrics tool also has templates available including all the AAC&U Value Rubrics.
  • Open participation in all benchmarking studies: We offer Student Affairs Benchmarking Studies geared towards helping you collect national and peer comparison data for numerous functional areas. These benchmarking are included in the Baseline license fee so you can participate at no additional charge. Your campus can also choose to participate in Project CEO, our benchmark designed to measure student learning in and out of the classroom.
  • Central location for all assessments with customized access: The Baseline system provides a secure, central location to store your assessment data.  Ask your assessment support team about various access levels if you are collaborating on projects.
  • Ability to build your own survey: The Baseline system also offers a self-service building tool where you can create your own survey from scratch.
  • Data collection tools: We can assist you with collecting data via our online survey tools, mobile survey devices, formative assessment tool, and online rubrics tool. Our rubrics tool also integrates with several LMS systems (e.g., Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, Moodle and Moodle Rooms). In addition, if you have collected data in the past or are collecting data on paper surveys we can assist you in getting that information into our system.
  • Online reporting tools:  Baseline produces reports using descriptive statistics (e.g. counts, percentages, and means) on any data in our system. You just need to focus on how to interpret and share that data with your various audiences.
  • Key performance indicators:  The Key Performance Indicator tool allows you to create dashboards of your assessment data for big-picture reporting and tracking progress towards goals.


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