There are multiple processes in place to ensure that your campus data is secure.

First, you should be familiar with Anthology's policies on data ownership, security practices, and FERPA compliance. Review those details here.  There may also be additional language in your campus's contract. Each campus's IT department vets our data security practices prior to signing the contract, so you may be able to find out more details that way as well.

Second, your campus has user access rules in place to ensure that only approved parties can see the assessment data. Each campus is different, so you should contact your campus administrator to find out more. For some insight into the many options available when setting up user accounts, read this article about user access levels.

Last, all Baseline accounts are password-protected. For most campuses, you are using your own campus username and password through a process called authentication, which means the same rules that apply on campus apply for Baseline too. For other campuses, we maintain usernames and password information, for which there are strict guidelines about password strength.

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