You will complete the following steps for each survey you would like to administer through Baseline. If you are interested in creating and administering a rubric, please click here for more information.

1.) Submit the survey project request form in Baseline. This short form should be submitted at least four full business days before you would like your survey to be active to collect data. You will receive a confirmation upon submission of the form. If you do not receive a confirmation, please submit a ticket.

If you have selected Full Consultation in the form, a survey design specialist will review your survey and provide recommendations. If you would like in-depth feedback, please submit in advance of the four-day minimum.

2.) Your survey is built into the system by our Baseline Support Specialists based on the document you provided. In the request form you specified an open date on which your survey would become active to collect data. Our team will select an appropriate date for your project to be built into the system based on this open date. If you need your survey built by a specific date in advance of your open date, please note this in the additional notes field of the project request form or by email.

3.) Receive an email from a Baseline Support Specialist with instructions to preview your survey in the system. Previewing will allow you to see the survey exactly how it will appear to respondents. We recommend that you review your survey through both the preview and outline buttons before administering.

4.) Submit edits, if needed, in reply to the preview email. Once edits have been completed (or if they are not needed), your project will become active on the open date you selected in the request form. No additional steps are needed to activate your project. If you need to change the open dates of your survey, please call (716) 270-0000 or email your Baseline Support Specialist.

5.) Administer your survey. You have several options for administering your survey. If you opt to use the Baseline mass mailing tool for administration, please note you will need to set up and approve your mailings and reminder mailings in the mass mailing module.

6.) Data will be available in real time. If administering electronically, as soon as the first respondent answers a question, you will able to see that response in your results.

Campuses frequently ask how long the entire process takes (steps 1-6) from start to finish. The complete process usually takes 5 business days, but if you need your project sooner, please let us know! Depending on the complexity of your survey, we recommend submitting your request 5 or more days in advance of your survey’s open date so that you don’t feel rushed during the review and administration phases. You may submit your project request form up to one year in advance of its open date.

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