Have you always wondered if there is an assessment out there for you beyond surveys?  Have you wanted to expand your assessment methods but just didn’t know where to start?  Then the Selecting a Method worksheet is a great tool for you. 

The worksheet is in two parts.  A two page worksheet that asks you a series of questions related to your outcomes and the various types of methods you may consider; and an accompany handout that gives you specifics about things to consider.  If you aren’t sure of how to respond to one of the questions on the worksheet, simply flip to the handout to read some quick information that will help you make an informed decision.

When selecting a method, there are many things to consider.  The handout will provide details on things such as:

  • What type of assessment are you planning and what methods correspond with that type.
  • If you are assessing learning, direct or indirect measure and their corresponding methods.
  • Using qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods.
  • An overview of the following methods that include a short description, the strengths and challenges of that particular method, and the resources needed for that method.
    • Existing data
    • Surveys
    • Rubrics
    • Focus Groups and Interviews
    •  Portfolios
    • Observations
    • Document Analysis
    • One-minute assessments
    • Visual Methods
    • Case Studies
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • The logistical realities to be taken into consideration such as resources available, timeline, and intended use of the data.

Next time you are selecting a method to measure an outcome, check out the handout on the documents tab and ask your assessment consultant for assistance with any of the methods listed.

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