Student demographic data is routinely collected in the assessment process, but is it always being used effectively and efficiently? In this 30-minute “mini-webinar”, we will discuss two best practice strategies for collecting demographic data: utilizing a common set of questions for consistent use, and uploading students’ demographic data to Baseline to avoid asking demographic questions altogether. Both strategies have multiple benefits related to consistency and reducing survey fatigue. Guests from member campuses who have used these practices will share their experiences.

Guest Presenters:

Andrew Brereton, Ph.D., serves as Director of Projects and Planning at Seton Hall University where he oversees educational assessment, helps to coordinate retention efforts, and works on a variety of professional development and training initiatives for his colleagues. He also teaches freshmen in the University’s Core Curriculum. His undergraduate degree is in anthropology and his graduate degrees are in theology. Before moving into higher education, Andrew worked for a number of years as a carpenter and cabinetmaker. He is happy to say that he knows how to do scholarly research and build a house. He is most proud of the fact that he has had the privilege of raising three wonderful children, who are now successful adults.

Kimberly Fath is the Graduate Assistant for Assessment and Strategic Planning in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a doctoral candidate in the Higher Education Program at Loyola University Chicago. Her research examines how scholars communicate advanced statistical techniques in journal publications and her passion is to create a culture of assessment and planning to make the college experience even better for students.

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