Mass Mailings are an effective way of distributing your survey link when you have access to the email addresses for each survey recipient. Mass mailings are created right within the Project Dashboard for a given survey. We have outlined the benefits of using the tool versus other administration options for your reference.

Once your project has been built, you can set up your Mass Mailings. 

Click on a project to navigate to the Project Dashboard.

Click on Manage to be taken to the Mass Mailing screen.

Click on the New Mailing button to create a mailing from scratch or the Copy Mailing button to copy a mailing from an existing project that you have access to view.



For a new mailing, you will need to fill in all of the details on the next screen:



For a copied mailing, the fields will be filled in with information from the original mailing, but you can still edit them. The list of recipients will copy to the new mailing as well, but you can delete all of them if you wish to use a new list. 

There are instructions on the right-hand side of the screen if you need more information about any of the required fields.

Please note that in order to insert the survey link, you will need to place your cursor where you would like the link to go and then hit the Insert Instructions button directly above the email message editor. 

We do not recommend pasting in images to the body of the email, as this can cause the mailing to fail. 

We recommend a maximum of 10,000 recipients per mass mailing. If you have more than 10,000 recipients, please separate the recipient list into smaller batches and create multiple mass mailings. 

Click Preview to view a sample of your mass mailing before you send or schedule it.

You can send a mass mailing immediately or schedule it to send at a later date and time by selecting the desired option on this screen. All mailings are sent in Eastern time zone.


Creating Reminders

On the Mass Mailing status screen, click on the + sign next to a mailing that you wish to create a reminder for. 


A new screen will open with a copy of the original mailing. All recipients will be included in the copy, but the mailing will only be sent to recipients who have not yet taken the survey at the time the reminder is sent. After a reminder is scheduled, you will see TBD in the Recipients column on the status page until the mailing is sent. See here for tips about scheduling reminder emails. 


**NOTE: Using a validation screen or using the mass mailing feature, means that the respondent's identifier (either email or ID, depending on your settings) is collected by Anthology. While Anthology does have the ability to hide the respondent's identifier from the Baseline user who is collecting this data, it still technically exists and can be un-hidden upon request. Therefore, if you choose to use the mass mailing tool or validation screen as your data collection method, be advised that you should not advertise your survey as anonymous; we recommend using language to say that your survey is "confidential," since access to respondent IDs is controlled by permissions to Baseline and not inherently available to the general public.

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