1. Open the project you would like to adjust the mailing for to be taken to the Project Dashboard

2. In the Mass Mailing area click the “Manage" button

3. Click on the mailing you would like to adjust

4. Click the "Unschedule" button


5. The page will refresh. Now click the "Unapprove" button.


6. Now you have the ability to edit the mailing text, edit the date/time you would like the mailing to go out, or delete the mailing all together.

7. If you chose to make edits/change the time, you can re-approve the mailing by clicking the “Finish” button.

8. This will take you back to a list of all of your Mass Mailings for this project. You will notice the status for the mailing now says “Approved”. To finalize the mailing- click on the subject line in order to open the mailing back up.

9. The system will then prompt you to choose whether you would like the mailing to be sent out on the date and time you selected or immediately. Once you select when you would like the mailing to be sent click “Send” (this will send your mailing on your scheduled date or immediately depending on what you have selected).

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