Collect App

Tap the Collect icon on the home screen of the iPhone or iPad. If the Collect app is not installed on this device, download it from the App Store, then call Anthology Support on 716 270 0000 to finalize the setup process. 

Syncing Projects and Collected Data

If you are connected to the Internet, a sync will occur each time you arrive at the Project List. A sync includes the following actions:

  • Transfers new projects onto and removes completed projects from the device
  • Makes updates to an existing survey already assigned to your device
  • Transfers data collected from the device to the Baseline portal

Note: You can perform a manual sync by tapping the sync icon in the lower left of the project list.

The Project List

The following tabs are listed along the top of the Project List:

  • Pending Projects are ready to preview but are not yet open for data collection. To preview a pending project, go to the top of the screen, tap the Pending option, select your project, then tap the Preview Project option.
  • Active Projects are currently open for data collection. To preview or administer an active project, select the active project from the menu, then select either the Preview Project or Collect Data button.
  • Completed Projects no longer collect data. You can only preview a completed project. These projects disappear from the Collect application when the device is synced within a Wi-Fi (wireless Internet) network—see Syncing Projects and Collected Data for more information.

Administering a Project

Questions are presented one at a time. If one or more answers are required, then you cannot proceed until those criteria have been met. You can tap the back button in the upper left hand corner to go back and change an answer, if needed.

You can stop taking a project at any time by tapping the 'X' button in the upper right hand corner of the project screen.

Open-ended Answers

When you select an answer option that includes an open-ended response, you are prompted to enter text. After typing your response, tap 'Done' in the upper right hand corner to save your response and return to the question.

To Edit/Delete Your Response, tap the answer and update/change your response text.

Finishing the Project

When you are at the end of the project, you will be shown the following message: "You have reached the end of the survey." Tap the 'Finish' button to go back the Project List, or 'Finish and Restart' to save your responses and begin the project administration again.

Advanced Information and Options

The Collect application information and options are accessed via the information symbol located in the lower right of the project screen. The Version Information and Device Information are mainly used for troubleshooting. By default, the Auto Next function is disabled, requiring you to navigate the project by tapping the arrow button at the lower right of the project question screen. Turn on the Auto Next feature to allow you to advance automatically to the following screen (without tapping the Next button) when the appropriate criteria to a question has been met.

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