To re-use a survey you have two choices.

Option A: Continue collecting data in the same survey, therefore combining new data with the old data you have already collected.

  • Use this option if you didn’t collect enough data last time or you want to combine all of your results for the semester or year.
  • If this fits your data collection needs, simply email and ask them to extend the closing date of the project.  It helps to provide a specific date that you want to stop collecting data for this collection cycle. (Note: For self-service builder users, you can extend the closing date in the “settings” section of the builder tool.)

Option B: Create a new survey, therefore collecting new data that is separate from the data you previously collected.

  • Use this option if you want to compare your results from one collection cycle to another or you want to only see the data from this specific data collection cycle in the results.
  • Also use this option if you wish to make changes to the survey before administering again. As any changes made to surveys that have collected data can skew/delete that data, we recommend creating a new project if you are wanting to tweak/revamp the instrument.
  • If this fits your data collection needs, then you can copy the project over in the Baseline system.  You can do this either via requesting a copied project via the project request form(Note: For self-service builder users, click on “Copy” on the project dashboard)
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