QR_code.pngQR Codes (aka “Quick Response Codes”) are readable bar codes that store data such as website URLs. You use your smart device to “click” the link (by scanning the QR code or snapping a quick picture of it) and the website opens into the browser on your device.

Although frequently associated with the marketing and advertising industry, campuses are increasingly using QR codes to aid in assessment efforts.

For assessment purposes, campuses most commonly use QR codes as a method to administer surveys. After having their survey built in Baseline, the campus will embed the Generic Link to the survey within a QR code, and when students scan the code, the survey will open and can be taken right on their device formatted to the screen.

For example, we have seen campuses use QR codes in the following situations:

  • As a replacement for surveys formerly administered on paper
  • Projecting a QR code on a screen or final slide at the end of demonstrations, workshops, or class sessions that direct participants to an assessment of the presentation
  • Placing a QR code on a flyer asking “How did we do today?” by the front desk or exit for a point-of-service survey
  • Approaching participants during or after an event such as a late night activity, career fair, or orientation activity and presenting the QR code on a card or flyer   

There are many websites where you can generate your own free QR Codes, for example:




Don’t hesitate to contact your assessment consultant for more information on how to utilize QR codes for your assessment project.

See Considerations for Mobile Data Collection for additional information.

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