A validation screen is one of the two options for collecting identifiers with your survey results. Simply put, a validation screen is a question respondents see prior to taking the survey. These screens can function as a validation process for ensuring only the right group of respondents take the survey OR as a way of simply tracking the unique identifiers of those respondents who do take the survey.

The validation screen can be set up to ask students to enter campus e-mail or ID. This method is often used in conjunction with the anonymous generic link option, particularly in times when there is a need to collect identity, but the generic link is the best administration method.

A common example of this is when a campus wishes to create a QR code using the generic link, but would still like to collect identify and/or restrict access to a specific group of respondents. 

A validation screen must be set up by your Baseline Support Specialist; contact Support (716-270-0000 M-F 8:00am - 8:00pm EST) if you would like to create a validation screen for your project.

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