In order to organize your results without deleting data, you can create saved views for your project results.

  1. Once logged in to Baseline, click on the Projects tab at the top of the page. From there, select the survey you want to view from the project listing, or use the search option to find your survey project.
  2. Now you are in the Project Dashboard. Click the View Results button within the Results box (you will not see this if the survey hasn’t been administered yet)
  3. Utilize the reporting tools to review your results.
  4. To save this view of your results allowing you to look at the data in this format later, locate the View Options box on the right side of the page. Give this view a descriptive title such as Undergraduate View, then click the Save button.


If you leave the page and want to see the data as you had organized it in that saved view, just expand the View Options box, select that view from the select view dropdown menu, and click Load.  You can also access your saved view of the results by clicking on the tile under the Saved Views section of the project dashboard.


If you need additional assistance with setting up and using saved view, don’t hesitate to contact your assessment team by submitting a ticket or calling us at 716.270.0000.


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