We are able to accommodate some uploads of data into our system, provided that the data are in raw form (i.e., each respondent’s answers are listed in a row) and you have the original survey instrument. Some examples of data you might upload include:

  • Demographic profiles of your students
  • National studies/benchmarks (e.g., NSSE, CIRP, NCHA, CORE)
  • Past survey data

When deciding whether or not to upload data into Baseline, you should consider whether you have done the analysis of the data yet. If you have not yet done the analysis and are planning on it, you could upload the data into Baseline to use the reporting tools. If you have already done the analysis, it may be more appropriate for you to simply upload the report to the documents tab for archiving.

If you are ready to request a “data upload” project, you will want to make note of this in the “Additional Notes” section of your Project Request form. For steps on requesting a project, please visit our “How to request a project” article.

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