Excluding is used to hide non-scaled answer options—such as not applicable, don’t know, no opinion, and no basis to judge—in scaled questions when you do not want response numbers for those options to be calculated in frequency percentages. By selecting an answer to exclude, you will simply hide that answer option for that particular question. The number of responses for all other questions is not impacted.

  1.  Click the View Results button in the Results box of your project dashboard (you will not see this if the survey has yet to be administered)
  2. In the Filters box on the right side, you will see the option to Exclude either by Selected or Incomplete. To exclude specific answers from questions, simply scroll through your list of questions and check the box next to the answers you wish to exclude.
  3. Once you have selected all of the answers you wish to exclude, click the “Selected” button in the Filters Box underneath the Exclude header. This will remove those answers from the data and recalculate your frequency percentages for those questions.

If you wish to undo the exclusion, simply click the small red X that appears next to your list of applied filters.

There is also an option to exclude incomplete data. This means anyone who did not complete the ENTIRE survey will have all of their answers removed from the results.  Please note: if you click Exclude Incomplete, but change your mind later, just click it again and it will undo the exclusion.

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