How do I request a project? - After you log into your Baseline site, there is a “Request a Project” button which will direct you to a form to complete. More details about the form can be found in this article.

What if I want to make changes to a survey? - When submitting changes, please use the survey’s outline located on your Project Dashboard. The Outline button is on the left side of the page and displays all of your questions on one page for review.  More details about making changes in this article.

How can I upload previously collected data to Baseline? (data uploads/paper surveys etc.) - We are able to accommodate some uploads of data into our system, provided that the data are in raw form (i.e., each respondent’s answers are listed in a row) and you have the original survey instrument. More details about uploading previously collected data can be found in this article.

How do I send a mass mailing/reminder mailing? - The Mass Mailing tool is an effective way of distributing your survey link when you have access to the individual e-mail addresses for each survey recipient. Mass mailings are created right within the Project Dashboard for a given survey.  More details about mass mailings can be found in this article.

How do I look at my data collected? - View how to use our Baseline reporting tools here

How do I assess Learning Outcomes? - Watch how to assess your campus learning outcomes here.

Why didn't your mailing go out?In order for your mass mailing to send, you must click finish. If your mass mailing is "approved" but not "scheduled," then it is likely that you have not clicked the "finish" button to schedule the mailing. More details about why your mailing didn't go out here.

What kind of response rate can my campus expect? - The typical response rate for most online surveys is between 15 and 25%.More details about why your mailing didn't go out can be found here.

Why is my preview link not collecting my responses? - The “Preview” button on the top right of the Project Dashboard page allows you to preview your project to verify the question order and ensure that the spelling,grammar, and layout are the way you’d like participants to see it. More details about your preview link can be found in this article.

What populations are the National Benchmark surveys designed for? - Most of the survey are designed for a stratified random sample of undergraduate students.  However there are some exceptions to this recommendation:  Find out here!

How do I start a National Benchmark project? - Each year that you would like to participate in a national benchmarking study you need to register with the benchmarking team. More details about benchmarking can be found here.

When is National Benchmark data be available for analysis/reporting?Institution-specific data is available in real time as the data is being collected.  Campus participants can begin analyzing/reporting on their institutional data as soon as the project closes. Find out more details here.

How do I manage users in my Baseline site? -  Watch how to edit and manage your Baseline users here.

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