Mass Mailing option

  • Self-service mailing system on your project dashboard which sends a unique link to each email address
  • Allows you to send targeted reminders to only non-respondents
  • Respondents are identified and may pick up where they left off in the survey
  • Prevents respondents from taking the survey more than once
  • Cannot be used with a Listserv

Generic Link option

  • Found under "Administration Methods" on your project dashboard once the survey is built
  • Flexible link (e.g., send through your email, post on website, send to Listserv)
  • Inherently anonymous (e.g., identities are not collected)
  • Respondents can complete more than once
  • Option to add a validation screen for identity collection

Collect App on iPod/iPad

  • App for campus-owned devices
  • Data appears in real-time with an internet connection
  • Data may be collected without an internet connection

QR Code

  • Using the generic link, you may create a QR code for your survey link
  • Respondents can scan the QR code with their device (i.e., iPhone, iPad, Android) and the survey will automatically format
  • Device must have an internet connection

Paper and Pencil

  • Can set up an online version in Baseline and manually enter data already collected on paper form
  • All questions in the online version are optional
  • Finish link loops to the beginning of the survey for continual data entry
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