Exporting your results is a great way to share your raw data with others, and allows you to perform more complex statistics using other programs like SPSS and Excel.

  1. Once on the  Project Dashboard for your survey, click the View Results button in the Results box.
  2. Within Results section of your project, expand the Export box on the right side of the page by clicking the arrow.  This will allow you  to see your export options. 
  3.  Check the boxes next to the export options you would like to include within your Detailed or View export.
    • Raw version of the results: Each respondents results are on a separate row within the file.  This format is called your raw data.  This format is the best if you intend on manipulating the data for further statistical analysis. 
    • Report version of the results: The results are show in aggregate view. The data is presented in the same format that you are seeing within the results section.  Any data manipulation currently reflected on your results (filters, etc.) will also be reflected within the export. This export is best for sharing the results as-is.
    • Alternate Codes: Within the export you have the ability to see the responses as text (strongly agree, Moderately agree, Neither agree nor disagree, ect.) or as the numeric code alternately assigned to the response (5,4,3, ect.).  By checking the Alternate Codes box the results will be show within the numeric format.
    • Open ended responses:  By checking this box you will be including all the open ended text responses within your survey export.
  4. You can export the data into excel, text, PDF, or SPSS formats just by clicking the associated word. It should appear in the program you selected.


If you need additional assistance with exporting your data, don’t hesitate to contact Support, or call us at 716-270-0000 Monday-Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm EST.

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