To request a project in Baseline, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to the website.

2. Click the “Request a Project” button is located on the left-hand side of the home page.

3. Complete the form asking for the following information. Use your mouse to hover over the black question marks for additional clarification.

  • Project Title: Make sure that this is specific. For example, “Orientation Survey” might be too vague, especially if you plan on administering more than one of these surveys.  Adding in the date, “Orientation Survey 2013” will give you a clearer idea of what the project is in the future.
  • Department:  The department the survey should be housed in.  You will only see the departments to which you have access.
  • Open/Close Date:  The dates you want the project active and collecting data in the system.  They can be adjusted as needed by Campus Labs staff in the future. Remember, a minimum of four business days is required to process and build your project
  • Project Source: Indicate if this is a New Project or if you are Copying over a previously administered Baseline project.  If it is a copy, you will be able to request any changes to the project that are necessary.
  • Administration Type: Indicate if you will be administering the survey through the web, Campus Labs mobile app, or both. If you will be using the mobile app, please provide the names of the individual devices you will be using in the text box, so we can properly assign the survey.
  • Web Survey Administration Method: If you are administering the survey via the web, indicate if you will be using our Mass Mailing system or Generic Link. If you are unsure or unfamiliar, please review the Survey Administration Options. If you are only using the mobile app, select "Not applicable". Also note that you can always change your mind about the web administration method at a later date.
  • Additional Assistance:  Review the options and select the level of assistance you would like.

4. Click "Next", and if you requested a copy, you will be able to choose the past project you would like copied, as well as the specific questions to copy over.

5. Click “Next” to provide some additional notes to your project.  In this space give us any information you think is necessary to know while building or editing your project.

6. Click “Submit” and you will be taken to your Project Dashboard.

7. Upload your survey document in the Project Files box on the right-hand side of the dashboard. We will use this document to provide you feedback/build your survey depending on the level of assistance you requested.

8. You will notice your project has been tagged with relevant “Project Categories”. We suggest these tags based on the keywords in your survey’s title. You can manually adjust these by clicking the “Manage” button underneath the selected categories. Here you will have the ability to select any of our 75 pre-defined tags or remove a tag by clicking the “X” icon.

9. You will receive an automated email letting you know your project has been received, and we will process your project.

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