If you want to pull random participants from an incentive drawing that we have set up in Baseline, here are two ways to select your winners:

To pull random winners in a drawing using Excel:

  1. Go to the Results page by clicking ‘View Results’ under the ‘Results’ section on your project dashboard.
  2. Export your data into Excel by clicking the Excel button next to ‘Detail’. Be sure that “Include All Open Ended” is checked.
  3. In the empty column to the left of your data, assign a random number to each student by using the Random Number formula: “=RAND()”
  4. Drag the formula down the column to create random numbers for each participant.
  5. Select the first row of your data (the titles of the columns) then select the “Sort & Filter” button on the left side of the Home Ribbon
  6. Select “Add Filter” from the list of options.
  7. Sort the Random Column by smallest to largest
  8. This will randomly shuffle the respondents list. Select however number of winners you need from the top of the list!


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