Your Baseline team has stolen a page from our CollegiateLink colleagues to create a great resource for you - this online resource center. (Check out CollegiateLink's site here.) This is a complement to the Community section of your Baseline site, which is where all our example surveys and rubrics are housed.

Feel free to explore! Here are our suggestions for how to get started.

  • Create a login. (See "Sign Up" link in upper-righthand corner of this page.) This allows you access to more sections of the site.
  • Customize your profile. Once signed in, click on your name (in the upper-right hand corner where the SIgn Up link used to be) and then click Edit. You can add a photo and your contact info so other members of the Member Campus Community know who you are.
  • Visit the Assessment Lab. There is something for each stage of the assessment cycle, from writing outcomes to sharing results, plus some tips on creating assessment structure and culture.
  • Listen to a recorded webinar. Now you can quench your thirst for assessment knowledge at home in your pajamas! (We'll be adding more of these soon.) You can also download the PowerPoint presentation to take notes on.
  • Peruse the Frequently Asked Questions and Baseline Documentation. Enhance your Baseline IQ!
  • "Like" an article. This lets us know this content is helpful to you.
  • Comment on an article. Comments allow you to contribute to the conversation, or ask us a question.
  • Search. If you can't find what you are looking for, use the Search feature. Still no dice? Comment here and we'll work on adding it!

We're interested in your feedback!


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