Project List Update

Active tiles based on project status

  • No more searching through a long list of projects. Projects are now pre-categorized by status (Active, Upcoming, and Completed) to allow users to quickly identify their project and its needs.

Project data at your fingertips

  • Active projects show how many respondents have answered in real time and how many days are left to gather responses so you know when to send out a reminder mailing or ask for the project to be extended if necessary.
  • Upcoming projects show how many days and hours are left until the project is set to go live.
  • Completed projects show the time frame in which the project was active and link directly to the reporting site so you can begin analysis of your data.

Intelligent search feature

  • The search bar allows you to search by name of project, keyword, or department and the active project tiles automatically update to reflect your search criteria.


Mass Mailing Enhancements

Enhanced compliance with accepted best practices for email delivery with public email domains (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo)

  • This means that emails that you send to alumni, parents, community partners, or others outside of your institution are more likely to reach their intended recipients

Intelligent throttle rate based on previous feedback from your campus’ servers

  • Emails will be sent as quickly as your server will allow, meaning fewer instances of your server holding emails back because of high volume.

Enhanced information regarding bounceback and undeliverable emails

  • In the event that an email does not reach its intended recipient, we will have more information available to identify the source of and potential solutions to the error

Enhanced email delivery success

  • Your emails will reach their intended audience more often so you can maximize the opportunity to collect the data you need
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