The following updates to Baseline were made on 7/3/13

Automated Project Request Receipts

  • Users will automatically receive an e-mail letting them know they have successfully requested a project in Baseline and giving them additional information regarding their project and resources available via our support site.
  • Administrators or project managers on campus (5 or fewer) can opt to have a copy of Baseline requests sent to them as well.

Project Listing Search Update

  • A drop down menu with a list of the departments that a user has access to is now available to make filtering and searching the project list easier.

Project Listing Export

  • An export button has been added to the project list page allowing campus level administrators to export an excel file of all the projects that have been administered in the system that they have access to.  The export will include the project title, dates of administration, department it is housed in, project status, type, and number of respondents.

Mass Mailing Finalization

  • Users now have the ability to finalize their own mass mailings in Baseline.  Reminders are built into the process of creating a mass mailing to ensure that all the proper information for administration is included.  Contact your assessment consultant to learn how to enable this feature.
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