If you want to share your rubric template with other Baseline users on your campus, you can easily to do using the Share button, under Rubric Tools icon of your individual rubric template:


Clicking Share will prompt you to search for an existing user that has access to Rubrics. You can search by First name, Last name, or Username. If you cannot find the user you are looking for, contact Campus Labs Support (support@campuslabs.com or 716-270-0000). If you are a site administrator, connect with your Consultant to learn how to add users to Baseline Rubrics.


Once you have found the users you would like to share your template with, click "Add User." You can also choose to send an email letting the new Assessors know they have been added. You can see who else you have shared this rubric with by clicking the Manage tab at the top of the window.


You can see when a template has been shared with you by the Share icon next to the rubric template on your Rubric Homepage:

Shared rubrics can only be edited and shared by the original creator. You are able to copy a shared rubric, and then edit that copy if necessary.


Please note that the process explained above will allow you to share rubric templates. If you want to add evaluators to an Assessment, please review our guide on adding data to a rubric assessment.

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