It can be helpful to manage your project results by creating different "Views" of your data set in Baseline. In Baseline Reporting Tools, you can save what you see on the results page as a View, and easily toggle back and forth between Views. This is especially helpful if you are applying different filters to measure different outcomes, or if you have created different views of the data set for different audiences.

Creating a View also allows you to display Baseline results in Anthology Planning.

Creating a View in Baseline

To create Views in Baseline:

  1. Navigate to the Results page of any Baseline Project that has respondents.
  2. Expand the View Options box on the right side of the page
  3. Based on what is displaying on the page, name your View accordingly (for example, if you are showing all results, call the view "All Results.") and click Save.
  4. To reload a View you have saved in the past, select the View from the Select View dropdown, and click Load.


If you apply filters, display graphs, or show statistics, those manipulations will be saved as part of a View. Keep this in mind if you want to be able to toggle back and forth between different versions of your data!


Saved Views can also be access direct from the Project Dashboard. You can use this feature to make it easier for many users with access to this project to access the data that might be more relevant to them (for example, if you create a Resident Life survey, and filter the results by each building, you can create Views for each building and ask your RD's to focus only on their associated data set).


If you need additional assistance with setting up and using saved view, don’t hesitate to contact Support by submitting a ticket or calling us at 716.270.0000.

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