Baseline has a feature designed to allow users the ability to create Key Performance Indicator metrics and share them with other users on your campus who have access to Baseline. You are also able to export the images and data as a .pdf.

Creating a KPI

On the Baseline homepage, click on the Performance Indicators button in the upper right corner.


You can see all the KPIs other departments have shared with you. Clicking on the images will allow you to read the description of the KPI

To create your own KPI, click on Create New button on the upper left corner.


Follow the instructions on the screen to determine what style of KPI you would like to create:

  1. Select your display style
    • Text KPIs can display 1 or 2 static data points, or 1 dynamic data point (made up of 1 or more sources in Baseline)
    • Bar and Column KPIs can display up to 4 static data points or 1 dynamic data point (made up of 1 or more sources in Baseline)
    • Line KPIs can display up to 6 static data points. Line KPIs cannot display dynamic sources.
  2. Set a title, Description, and Source for your KPI
    • Dynamic sources allow you to pull results from existing Baseline survey questions. You can display either the mean or the percentage of respondents selecting a chosen survey answer. You will be given the ability to first choose the department, then the project, then the question(s) you want to pull the data from. You can also toggle the colors of your bars, if applicable.
    • Static sources allow you to input the values you want to display manually. You will be given the ability to input data points, labels, and the maximum value for the Y-axis. You can also toggle the colors of your bars, if applicable.
    • You have the option of setting a Target Mark for your KPI as well.
  3. Set the KPI access rules
    • First, select which department this KPI should be associated with from the dropdown menu
    • Second, check the boxes next to each department which should be able to see this KPI. Any user who has access to the selected departments will see your KPI when they log into their Baseline site.
  4. Review your KPI before publishing
    • This is how your KPI will display and export.

Exporting KPIs

To export existing KPIs into .pdf, you can click on the Export button in the upper left of the Performance Indicators page.


You can export either just the dashboard images, or the dashboard images and their associated details. Click on the text to make your selection.

Select which KPIs you would like to export by clicking on the images. A green checkmark will indicate which KPIs you have successfully selected. Then, click the Export Selected button near the top left of the page.


This will generate a .pdf document, which you can save to your computer, or print.

Short Video - Putting it all together

The following video will familiarize users with the concept of KPIs, and walk through how to create both dynamic and static KPIs in Baseline.


If you have additional questions you can contact our Support Team or call 716-270-0000 Monday through Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm EST.

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