If you are a User Manager in Baseline (typically reserved for Site Administrators, but not always!) you will have the ability to add, remove, and edit user permissions for Baseline surveys. You may find it helpful to export a list of existing Baseline users to get a sense of existing permission and access levels.

To export users from Baseline:

  1. Click on the Users tab at the top of the Baseline homepage (please note that only User Managers will see this tab. Please contact your site administrator if you feel you should have access to this tab).
  2. There are two different exports you can pull from Baseline. Export Users and Export Dept. Access together will give you a complete picture of who is in Baseline and what departments they are able to request projects for.
  3. Click on Export Users at the top of the page to download  list of all users and what system roles they have access to. It will also list their username and email.
  4. Click on Export Dept. Access to download a list of each user's department access. Keep in mind that access to one department will also grant access to any department that lives within that department. You will likely see users appear multiple times, as they will have access to multiple departments.


If you have any additional questions about exporting users or managing users, please feel free to contact Support, or call 716-270-0000 Monday - Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm EST 



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