Your Baseline Support Specialist can add images to your surveys; just add the image to your project dashboard and your Baseline Support Specialist can apply the image as indicated in your survey.

Note: Anthology is not automatically notified when files are added or removed here. If you have images to include after you've received the preview notification, please contact support to alert us that you have images to be added.

If you have access to Self-Service Builder and can build your own surveys in Baseline, you also have ability to add images as long as the images are hosted on the internet and public-facing (local images saved to your computer will not work). 


To add an image to your survey in Self-Service Builder, first create the question and answer choices. 

Select either the question text or the answer text, and select the Add Image  button


The source will need to be an image link that is publicly hosted (for example, from your University website). In the example below, we've taken an image link from our Campus Labs website:


Paste the image address into the Source field of the image editor. Then add a description of the image to comply with accessibility requirements. We also recommend adding an image with dimensions no more than 600x600, but feel free to adjust as needed.


Once the image is added, we recommend viewing the image in the Outline view of the survey. If the image goes beyond the page boundary of the outline, the image is too big, and the dimensions should be reduced.


If you have additional questions you can contact our Support Team or call 716-270-0000 Monday through Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm EST


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