An important step in implementation is to ensure that all campus stakeholders are aware of the Baseline resource and know how to access it. Here are a few components you should consider to successfully achieve that goal.

Announce the partnership. That could be an existing forum, or you can schedule a specific meeting or event. Make sure you include an explanation as to WHY you have partnered with Campus Labs, what you expect of staff, and some encouragement for the success you can have with additional resources. Here are some ideas:

  • Commencement address (like at Frostburg State)
  • Annual retreat
  • Faculty Senate meeting
  • Assessment Symposium 
  • Departmental staff meetings

Schedule trainings. We recommend a combination of the following, depending on the audience:

  • Leadership Webinar: Led by your Consultant, this webinar speaks to the value Baseline adds and how leaders can use it and encourage their teams to use it.
  • User Training: Led by your Consultant via webinar, this training takes end-users through the resources available and shows them how to use the software.
  • Campus Labs Recorded Trainings: Available for viewing on this site, these trainings are available to anyone at any time.
  • Record your own: Create your own custom training, like this one from the University of Memphis.

Include information on your website or portal. You can use an existing assessment website, or build a new page for your institution or division. We also recommend working with your campus portal administrators to add a "Campus Labs Baseline" button or link onto an appropriate section of your faculty/staff portal. You can even use our logo. Here's some information you might include on a website:

  • Campus Labs contact information: Your Consultant's name, bio, and photo, and contact information for our support team.
  • Login information: A link to your Baseline website with instructions for login.
  • Link to this resource site
  • Campus-specific assessment information

Campus website examples:

Keep stakeholders informed. Don't let the momentum from implementation fade. Remind your team of the Baseline resources available, orient new staff, and share Campus Labs updates with the larger group. You might consider some of the following methods:

  • Forward email updates from Campus Labs - like our LabNotes newsletter to primary contacts, or communications from your Consultant.
  • Create a newsletter, spotlighting assessment success and resources, like this one from University of Tennessee.
  • Schedule refresher webinars to remind staff of infrequently-used resources or newly developed tools.
  • Include Baseline training in new employee orientation.
  • Create a Twitter handle and tweet little updates and links to your website material. (See University of Memphis examples.)

If you have any additional ideas of your own, please add them here!

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