With the addition of the SRS to the Baseline platform, we have collected a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding its use along with some quick answers. As always, if you have any other questions, please contact our Support Team at 716-270-0000.


Q: How many respondents can be in an SRS session at a time?

A: The Student Response System is intended to support thousands of simultaneous users.


Q: How do I rearrange the order of the questions on an SRS quiz?

A: At this time, you aren’t able to rearrange the order of questions. However, you can add questions.


Q: I want my respondents to remain anonymous, but the Name field is required. What should I do?

A: You can instruct your participants to type in fake names or nonsense letters.


Q: How do I tell respondents to connect with my quiz?

A: Direct them to srs.campuslabs.com. You'll need to provide your respondents your specific connect ID, which you can find at the top of the SRS Session’s homepage.


Q: How do I find out what my connect ID is?

A: It is located at the top of your SRS Session’s homepage


Q: Can I change my connect ID?

A: No, it is pre-assigned to your username and password.


Q: How can respondents “catch up” with an SRS session they joined late?

 A: Depends on manual or self-paced—With Self-Paced, all respondents have the ability to answer questions as fast or as slow as they’d like. With Manual, they will only see whatever question you have available. You can always re-start that question again later if you need that respondent to respond.


Q. I am trying to edit my poll, but it won’t seem to let me! What’s going on?

A. There are two scenarios that can lead to you not being able to edit a question in SRS:


  1. In “Manual” mode, you created the question and then clicked “Start”.
  2. In “Self-Paced” mode, you created the question, clicked “Start,” AND data was collected.


So if you’re in “Manual” mode and you have two questions—you could have clicked “Start” and collected data on the first question but you would still be able to edit the second question. In other words, in “Manual” mode it is always the clicking of “Start” on each question that causes that question to “lock”. If you’re in “Self-Paced” mode on the other hand, then it is the collection of data per question that causes each question to “lock.”

As a result, we strongly recommend you review each question before making your poll live.


Q. Will other faculty or staff be able to see the polls I am administering?

A. No. Each individual user in Baseline is assigned their own SRS ID number, which means only you can see the polls that you create and administer.


Q. Is there some way I can share my poll results with others?

A. Yes! You can export the results of your poll by selecting the poll from your list and clicking the gear symbol to the upper left of the title; this will open a menu which will allow you to export your results into an excel file. You can share this file with whomever you please.

Keep in mind that the order of responses in the export is random, and not time-stamped, and all responses will display in a text format.  Additionally, if you wish to have multiple polls from multiple individuals consolidate into one large file automatically, we recommend using our Baseline survey tools instead—you can still have students take their assessment on their phones via a link.


Q. I want multiple classes/session to participate in the same poll, but I don’t want the responses from the first session to be included with the responses from the next session. How do I clear out the data from a poll?

A. You aren’t able to delete data out of a poll, but you can copy a poll for the next session to take! Simply click the gear icon to the upper left of the poll title and select Copy from the menu. Make sure to adjust the copied poll’s title to reflect the new session or class!

Bonus: now that you’ve got a poll from session one and session two, why not compare the two in the results page?


Q. How do I compare results from two different poll questions?

A. Make sure you tag the two questions you want to compare with the same tag (click the tag icon at the bottom of the question to tag it), then search for that name in the Results tab. All questions with that tag will display their results so you can easily compare.


Q: Are there question/answer limits for questions in SRS?

A: Yes. Each quiz can be no longer than fifteen (15) questions, and each question can have no more than five (5) answer choices.

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